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TFN Quiz of the Year 2014

This feature is over 9 years old

They say a week is a long time in politics - well a year in the third sector seems to fly by. With 2014 coming to a close sink your teeth into a mince pie and test your memory with these questions on events of the previous 12 months. Sadly there is no prize (but pride) so we have provided the answers at the bottom. Good luck, let us know how you did in the comments and no cheating!

Round 1: Executive Decisions

1. Which chief executive wakes at 5am and immediately turns on the Shipping Forecast?

2. Which chief executive has a son who owns a sausage dog called Brian, treats staff to regular cupcake breaks and used to work at Shelter.

3. Which Spanish speaking chief executive plans to spend time painting when retirement calls?

4. Which outdoors loving chief executive went to school with Brian (Edward) Cox?

5. Who is the Leonard Cohen fan who shares a house with four children, two dogs and three guinea pigs?

Round 2: Oh the shame of it…

1. Which international charity found itself in hot water with its own staff after giving Tony Blair a humanitarian award?

2. In November, a charity had to scrap an anti-suicide app after it became embroiled in data protection and legal issues. Name the charity.

3. Name the chief executive who stepped down from landmine charity the Halo Trust after a fall-out with the board?

4. Falkirk charity Open Secret was criticised for appointing Bruce Hotchkies as its chair in August. He had been accused of singing misogynist lyrics with his foul-names rock band and subsequently stepped down. Name the band.

5. Which now disgraced former government minister found himself under attack for suggesting charities should “stick to their knitting”?

Round 3: Name the celebrity supporter...

1. TFN’s favourite comedian of 2014 did 12 gigs for 12 charities during the Edinburgh festival

2. This pop star turned soap star backed the year’s first social media craze

3. This Olympic hero turned charity hero was the celebrity face of Unicef’s Children1st campaign at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games

4. “It’s gonad be huge” we said of #FeelingNuts for testicular cancer. Well maybe not, but at least we got a sneak peak at this boy band’s boxers!

5. A visitor to the city helped raise the roof at Shelter Scotland’s Edinburgh festival fundraiser

6. It wouldn’t be 2014 without yet another social media craze! This famous face woke up to the reality of the Syrian crisis in October.

Round 4: 20 Questions

1. Why was Cycling Scotland advert banned from TV by the Advertising Standards Authority?

2.Which MSP suffered racial abuse when selling the Big Issue to celebrate International Street Paper Vendor Week?

3. Paul Moore quit as chief executive of what charity?

4. Who were the two Keynote speakers at The Gathering?

5. A coalition of charities launched a campaign against poverty called Scotland’s Outlook – what profession featured in the campaign video?

6. Which method of fundraising annoyed the public most according to an NFPSynergy report?

7. Women posting pictures of themselves wearing no ______ raised over £8 million for Cancer Research UK?

8. Why did protesters blockade a Salvation Army shop in Edinburgh?

9. Jamie Livingstone became the head of Scotland for what global aid charity?

10. Did more or less staff at OSCR say they were happy to work at the regulator in its employee survey?

11. The first Scottish Rural Parliament was held where?

12. Bright Stars Under Fives Playgroup was the 1,000 charity to do what?

13. What happened after the Mail on Sunday attacked foodbanks for giving out bags of shopping without carrying out proper checks?

14. Benefit sanctions do what to people according to UK civil servant Neil Couling?

15. Niall Iain Macdonald ultimately failed in his bid to do what for SAMH?

16. What title did Ronie Walters win at the Institute of Directors awards?

17. Which Scot topped The Sunday Times Giving List?

18. It was revealed charities would need what to fundraise in and around Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games venues?

19. OSCR was ordered for first time to overturn an attempt to strip an organisation of charity status. What was the charity?

20. Did PricewaterhouseCoopers reveal more charity shops had opened or closed on high streets in the last year?

Round 5: Spot the difference

Six subtle changes have been made to this picture from Shelter Scotland. Can you find them?


Round 1: Executive Decisions

1. David Cameron, Community Land Scotland

2. James Jopling, Breakthrough Breast Cancer

3. Claire Stevens, Voluntary Health Scotland

4. Denise King, Girlguiding Scotland

5. Martin Crewe, Barnardos

Round 2: Oh the shame of it

​1. Save the Children

2. Samaritans

3. Guy Willoughby

4. Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics

5. Brooks Newmark

Round 3: Name the celebrity supporter...

1. Danny Bhoy

2. Kym Marsh

3. Chris Hoy

4. Union J

5. Sara Pascoe

6. Claudia Winkleman

Round 4: 20 Questions

1. The cyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet – despite their being no law for one to be worn

2. Humza Yousaf

3. Quarriers

4. Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling

5. Weatherman

6. Chugging

7. Makeup

8. They wanted to stop charities becoming involved in the UK government’s welfare to work scheme

9. Oxfam

10. More – just 52%

11. Oban

12. Register as a SCIO

13. Donations increased by 20 times

14. “Give them a jolt”

15. Row the north Atlantic on his own

16. Third Sector Director of the Year

17. Sir Ian Wood and his family

18. Permission - from the organising committee

19. St Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society

20. Opened

Round 5: Spot the difference