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Anti-Irish racism is rife in Scotland

This news post is almost 5 years old

Show Racism the Red Card has urged for abuse to be reported to the police

Anti-Irish racism is rife in Scotland, a charity has claimed.

Show Racism the Red Card has said that more than half of Irish people have experienced anti-Irish sentiment.

In a study of 513 Irish people in Scotland, 56% said they had experienced the abuse and six in 10 said that they had witnessed anti-Irish racism.

Of those targeted, 20% of participants indicated that they found the incident extremely stressful; 45% found the incident stressful and 34% did not find the incident stressful.

Of those who had experienced abuse, 93% said they had reported the incident to police, and a spokesman for Show Racism the Red Card urged abuse to be treated as a crime.

Examples of anti-Irish abuse directed at those questioned

“I was threatened by a participant from an Orange Walk that I would get my throat cut.”

“Been referred to as filth. A member of the "manky mob" by a manager at work.”

“Casual anti-Irish racism on a weekly basis on building sites.”

“Had my windows smashed because of Happy St Patrick’s day banner.”

“Singing songs about “why don’t you go home?”. It wasn’t at a football match. It was on the street. I wasn’t going to football. I rarely do.”

“We urge everyone to report racism to Police Scotland when they witness or experience it,” a spokesman said.

“Moreover, incidents range from implicit casual racism to direct threats, verbal and physical abuse.

“Anti-Irish racism within a Scottish context needs to be addressed and Show Racism the Red Card will seek out funding in order to develop and deliver anti-Irish racism education in order to create a fairer Scotland for all.”



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almost 5 years ago
This is good news and I hope it will offer help and support to those of us that are Irish, either by birth or kinship. My family and I suffered anti-Irish discrimination, racism and sectarianism at the hands of members of the public AND the police. As a result we moved away earlier this year and I rarely venture out of our new home. As I said, this is good news but it has come to late for my family and me.
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almost 5 years ago
why only the concern now? This has been rife in scotland for more than 150yrs at least. we all know the breeding areas, ibrox and orange lodges.