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Bags donated to care experienced young people


Madlug has sent 1600 bags to Scotland for delivery across the country to children in care

More than a thousand bags will be distributed to care experienced youngsters this festive season.

Madlug (Make A Difference Luggage) has sent 1600 bags to Scotland for delivery across the country to children in care. The bags have been sent to partner Who Cares? Scotland, who plan to send them across the country, from the Borders to Shetland, this Christmas.

One of the issues the charity has encountered in its 40 years of working with care experienced children is the use of bin bags to move their belongings when a decision is made to move them.

The act of packing someone’s belongings in bin bags takes away their dignity and compounds the trauma they experience in moving around the care system.

Duncan Dunlop, chief executive of Who Cares Scotland?, said: “Madlug is a movement that shares our understanding of that issue. They work tirelessly to ensure that for every bag purchased from them, one is donated to a care experienced person. We’re excited to partner up with them over the festive period to ensure that 1,600 of our youngest members – young people who are based everywhere from Scottish Borders to the Shetland Islands will receive their very own Madlug bag.”

Dunlop continued: “It doesn’t solve the issue of decisions being made about young people, where they live and how their belongings are treated but it certainly goes a long way for each individual young person that they support. We look forward to continuing an ongoing partnership on behalf of our members.”

Madlug, a Northern Irish based company, have been supporting organisations and charities like Who Cares? Scotland since its launch in 2016. Madlug has donated over 10,000 bags to children in care across the UK. With every bag purchased, Madlug gives a bag to a vulnerable child, which will help the on their way with dignity.

Who Cares? plans to give the bags out as part of Christmas parcels. Some will also be given as presents to those care-leavers who will celebrate together on Christmas Day. More will be given out in January as part of participation groups.

Dave Linton, chief executive and founder of Madlug, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Who Cares? Scotland in supporting their wonderful work of caring for children and young people in care across Scotland. We hope that a little gesture of a bag over Christmas will enable these wonderful children to feel loved, cared for and reminded that they have value, worth and dignity.”



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