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Bam-BOO! Hapless panda filmed giving himself a fright

This news post is about 6 years old

​Edinburgh Zoo captures panda giving himself a fright on CCTV

He’s shy, he’s retiring and when it comes to performing, well, he’s often underwhelming.

Now CCTV footage has shown the country’s favourite male panda is probably even more of a big fearty than first assumed after being filmed almost scaring himself out his fur by a mere stick of bamboo.

The video, released by Edinburgh Zoo, shows Yang Guang one minute happily swinging on his hammock eating bamboo, the next jumping out of his skin when the stick topples over.

Not one to make a fuss, he nonchalantly goes back to his favourite pastime – lying on his back and eating.

Alison Maclean, team leader for giant pandas and carnivores, explained: “Yang Guang is normally a very peaceful and calm animal, who loves sleeping and eating.

“He had quite a fright though when a stick of bamboo he’d forgotten he’d put aside for later fell and broke the silence.

“Our bear quickly recovered though and happily went back to lazing about and giving himself a good scratch.”

Bosses at the zoo, a registered charity, announced two weeks ago Yang Guang’s mate, Tian Tian, has conceived for a third time - but zoo officials have warned people to "not get too excited" about the pitter patter of cub feet as pregnancy is notoriously difficult for the shy mamals.



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