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Charity axes actor over cannabis comments

This news post is over 1 year old

Brian Cox has been removed as patron of Mid-Lin Daycare Centre after advocating the use of marijuana

A charity has dropped a Hollywood actor as its patron after he admitted using cannabis.

Golden Globe winning actor Brian Cox said in a recent interview that the drug is “wonderful” and recommended that others use it.

However his comments didn’t go down well with Mid-Lin Daycare Centre, a facility for the elderly in Dundee where Cox served as patron.

The charity’s chairwoman Joyce McIntosh said she couldn’t support the actor’s comments.

“Dundee is drug-ridden we just can’t support Brian’s views on cannabis,” she told the Courier.

“We are shocked and disappointed. I couldn’t actually believe it when I read the papers – he has a CBE and all these awards and honorary positions, and next thing, we’re seeing that he’s telling people to get stoned.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous and it’s setting a bad example for young people.”

The Deadwood and Churchill actor said he wished the charity all the best going forward.

Cox said: “I am sorry to hear that Mid-Lin Day Care Centre were shocked and disappointed by my comments regarding marijuana, which were actually made in good humour.

“To clarify, I am a firm believer in the medicinal benefits of marijuana and have partaken in its use in places where it is legal to do so.

“I wish Mid-Lin the best in all their future endeavours.”



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Darren johnston
over 1 year ago
If he said the same a out brandy or similar spirits that wreck families fills prisons and not to mention the strain it puts on our nhs where staff are assaulted daily would you have dropped him then its a god given plant wise up ????????
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Gordon Liddle
over 1 year ago
I wonder where Joyce McMillan gets her opinions from?. Sounds like a knee jerk tabloid type reaction and one that might do her charity some considerable harm. For info, I don't use cannabis but am aware there are worse things to do in life and it is a complex area worthy of reasonable debate.
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over 1 year ago
The charity need to move with the times and realise that it is legal in many countries in particular for medicinal purposes and is proven to help a many people.
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over 1 year ago
Oh dear, what a narrow minded, arrogant and ignorant woman Joyce McIntosh makes herself out to be. I do not believe I have seen anywhere that Mr Cox was advocating that people get 'stoned'. If this sums up her ability to comprehend the written word then perhaps the charity should be looking at her suitability for her position. If she purely wished to make outrageous comments for the sake of it then again the charity should be seriously looking at her suitability for her position. I wonder if her day care centre has ever allowed the service users a wee sherry or similar for Christmas? Would that mean she is saying that she thinks day care centres should get their service users blotto??