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Charity launches world’s first interactive TV advert

This news post is almost 8 years old

PowaTag app promises open a whole new dimension to fundraising

International development charity Christian Aid is getting set to launch the world’s first interactive TV advert.

Using the innovative new PowaTag app, millions of people across the UK will be able to donate immediately using their smartphone.

The TV advert, which will appear on STV on Friday evening, will promote the charity’s annual fundraising drive, Christian Aid Week (10-16 May).

It aims to encourage people to download the app and make either a one-off donation or sign up to become regular givers.

The app works by sending out an inaudible signal to the viewer’s smartphone which allows them to make a secure donation in a matter of seconds by simply activating the app, choosing the amount to give, and tap again to confirm.

We may be marking our 70th anniversary but like all charities we need to move with the times and embrace new technologies

Viewers are alerted to the ability to make instant donations by the PowaTag logo appearing on the screen.

Christian Aid Week is well known for its legions of volunteers, who have been going door-to-door to raise money to fight global poverty and social injustice since 1957, raising more than £11 million last year.

This year’s Christian Aid Week is asking people to support women living in poverty around the world who are discriminated against from birth.

Eleanor Ledesma, head of Christian Aid Week, said: “Christian Aid is very proud of its amazing volunteers who go door-to-door collecting money for some of the world poorest communities.

“But as the way we live our life changes, more people living in flats and working longer hours, it makes it more difficult to reach everyone in just one week.

“We may be marking our 70th anniversary this year but like all charities we need to move with the times and embrace new technologies in order to make it easier for people with busy lives to donate at a time convenient to them.

“PowaTag has great potential for the charity sector and we are delighted to be able to broadcast a world first with this innovative new advert.”

To boost fundraising Powa Technologies has pledged to match fund the first £10,000 donated to Christian Aid using the app and all of Christian Aid Week’s operational costs for using the system will be re-donated.

The advert will also be viewable on YouTube and will works in the same way as the TV version.

PowaTag is a free mobile app available from iTunes and Google Play.



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