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Community victory as Celtic pledges to show film on match day

This news post is almost 5 years old

​Previous attempts by campaigners failed to engage the east end club

Celtic Football Club has caved in to pressure from its local community and will now show a film highlighting the impact of fans' behaviour on match days.

Parkhead residents have for years fought to reign-in the behaviour of home and away fans who they complain create chaos before and after games.

But the football club refused to take part in the campaign run by local residents, believing it unfairly targeted home supporters.

Locals complain that over 50,000 fans create constant problems in the area, urinating in doorways, swearing at residents, discarding litter and are frequently sick on pavements.

In response children from St Mungo’s school teamed up with social enterprise the Media Co-op and the Parkhead Housing Association to make a film highlighting the behaviour of some fans.

Despite being viewed over 120,000 times on social media, the Glasgow club has still refused to show it at half time during games or host on their website.

But, now a senior club official has pledged to TFN the club will show the film both at half time on selected match days and also put a version on its website.

Celtic’s supporter’s liaison officer John Paul Taylor told TFN: “It was the wrong timing initially and we felt versions of the films we’d seen unduly focused on the home fans when we know this is a problem caused by all fans.

“We will now be showing the film in the stadium once we get it formatted and we’ll highlight it on the website too.”

Jim Strang, chief executive of Parkhead Housing Association, said it was “excellent news.”

“It’s been disappointing that Celtic wouldn’t engage with us,” he said. “The film is the culmination of a community coming together to deal with a very real problem.

“As Celtic is the area’s biggest employer, exerts huge influence and has a responsibility, we were perplexed as to why it didn’t want to get involved.

“It’s a huge boost its now seen sense. Hopefully it’ll go some way in changing fans’ behaviour.”

The 90-second off-beat animation carries the message that they wouldn’t treat a football pitch the same way they treat the streets and residents around stadiums.

In the film a player slips on a banana skin on the pitch and the goal has so much rubbish in it the ball bounces out of the net.

It’s a huge boost they’ve now seen sense - James Strang

In another scene, a football lands in a puddle of urine. The overall message of the film is: “You wouldn’t litter or pee on the pitch, so please respect our streets on your way to the game.”

Community activist Angela Jamieson, who came up with the idea for the film, said: “Living beside a football stadium I was fed up with fans leaving litter and worse in our streets. I was worried for my grandkids.

"We had no way of getting through to fans, so I came up with the idea of a film made by local children.

“I got film-makers Media Co-op in to show the children how to make their own animation. I’m so proud of how well they did: they made the point and they made it funny too.”



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