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Hinkley Point a “colossal” waste of money

This news post is over 7 years old

Environmental groups have condemned the UK government's decision to go ahead with a new £18 billion nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset

Green groups have branded the UK's planned new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset a "colossal waste of public money".

Friends of the Earth Scotland has condemned the UK's government's decision to give the green light to the new plant, which will be created and run by French energy firm EDF and the Chinese General Nuclear Power Corporation.

The deal, which will see a new type of nuclear reactor built, has been mirred in controversy over its huge £18 billion cost and the environmental dangers surrounding nuclear power, as well as the years of setbacks it has experienced since it was first discussed when Tony Blair was Prime Minister.

Going for green energy would be cheaper, faster and safer than continuing to chase the nuclear dream - Richard Dixon

Friends of the Earth Scotland’s director Dr Richard Dixon, said: “Building a new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point and committing to pay EDF twice the current energy price for the next 35 years is a colossal waste of public money. Our grandkids will still be paying it off, and for generations to come people will be living with the toxic legacy of nuclear waste.

“We should instead be investing in renewables and energy efficiency that can provide the safe, flexible, decentralised energy we need now and in the future. Going for green energy would be cheaper, faster and safer than continuing to chase the nuclear dream.

“Once the deal has been signed comes the truly difficult part of actually building the plant. This type of reactor design has never been successfully completed anywhere with EDF’s two other projects in Finland and France well over budget and behind schedule. It is quite possible the Hinkley Point reactors will never produce a single electron.”

Scottish Green MSP Mark Ruskell, the party's energy spokesman, echoed Dixons concerns, accusing the Westminster government of having an anti-green agenda and underminig Scotland's renewable energy hopes.

“Hinkley is a total waste of public money and will simply add to the toxic legacy the nuclear industry has already left us to deal with. The anti-green agenda of the Westminster Government is doing serious damage to Scotland’s renewable energy potential.

“The Tories are locking us into a deal involving a type of reactor that has never been successfully built, with EDF’s other projects behind schedule and over budget. The fact that the UK Government is talking about future nuclear new builds underlines the need for Scotland to have greater control over energy policy, so we can chart a different course and create lasting jobs in industries that have a future.”



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William Douglas
over 7 years ago
I hope It is a waste of money! But if it is fired up, it will be because other so-called green methods of generating electricity have failed to keep the lights on. But if we do have an alternate reliable source of cheaper electricity then there will be no 'toxic legacy' because we will not have to switch it on.
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