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Reasons to work with a CRM solutions partner


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I’m often asked - what the reasons are to work with a CRM solutions partner. The answer is multifaceted.

CRM means a lot of different things to a lot of people. Fundamentally CRM technology is a tool that help organisations bring together, organise and analyse stakeholder information data to better manage relationships with clients.

CRM covers the relationships you have with your contacts and stakeholders. It includes enquiries for individuals who are only just becoming familiar with your organisations name, right through to your most loyal clients. Ensuring that CRM delivers what you need is one of the primary reasons to work with a CRM solution partner.

Third sector organisations all use a different percentage of CRM functionality to deliver excellence in their customer experience. The people best equipped to help you ensure that your CRM delivers the customer experience you need is your CRM solutions partner.

CRM software creates a single version of truth. A CRM system keeps everything in one place for the betterment of your organisation and customer experience.

Reasons to work with a CRM solutions partner

Here are our top reasons to work with a CRM solution partner.

1. They will help you select the right CRM solution

There are literally hundreds of CRM systems to choose from. Each system has different features and functionality. Some are complex, whereas others are user-friendly. Some look fantastic but lack fundamental functionality, others are great at promoting their brand but fall short on delivering the functionality needed. Understanding what you need from your CRM system is critical.

A CRM solution partner will be well-versed in the different platforms available. They will be able to assess your needs and recommend the best platform for your organisation.

2. You can focus on the parts of your organisation that are most important to you

You started your third sector organisation because you were passionate about the product or service that you offer. While you specialise in running your organisation, a CRM solutions partner specialises in CRM. One of the primary reasons to work with a CRM solution partner, is that they will quickly gain an understanding of your needs and implement an appropriate CRM strategy. Their skills and experience will allow them to handle your CRM with ease, while you focus on the parts of your organisation that matter to you.

3. They will save you time on training and legwork

Most platforms require at least a basic level of training in order for you to be able to use it effectively. This obviously requires some investment on your part. If you choose to work with a solutions partner, you will have an experienced trainer to assist your organisation to successfully onboard the application. In addition, a CRM solutions partner will be able to offer ongoing help and support.

4. They can help develop a thorough understanding of the stakeholder lifecycle

Every organisation has a different stakeholder lifecycle. When you work with a CRM solutions partner, you will benefit from a fresh perspective. The solutions partner will be able to look at your stakeholder lifecycle with fresh eyes, assess it and identify any pitfalls. Their skills, experience and advice will help optimise your stakeholder lifecycle, converting more enquiries to lifelong clients.

5. They will help keep your process streamlined from start to finish

In any organisation, resources can be stretched. Certain processes may not get the attention they deserve. With a CRM solution’s partner on board, you can rest assured that your whole process is being covered from start to finish with a streamlined and consistent approach. This will also give your contacts a consistent experience from your organisation, whether they are new enquiries or longstanding clients.

6. A CRM solutions partner will help you bridge the gap between client acquisition and service delivery

Enquiries and service delivery are often approached separately from one another. However, CRM solutions partners recognise the importance of bridging the gap between them. Bridging the gap between enquiries and service delivery eliminates the competitive nature between the teams and aligns their goals. 

CRM is crucial to your organisation but can take years of practice to master. Working with a CRM solutions partner will leave you the time to focus on the parts of your organisation that you are passionate about while being safe in the knowledge that your organisations CRM is being handled by the experts.

Hopefully, this has explained some of the many reasons to work with a CRM solutions partner.

ProAptivity is a CRM solutions provider. We focus on the implementation, training and support of highly customised CRM software solutions. Our CRM software provides the organisation with the tools needed to deliver successful client experience management. We help organisations embed CRM best practice.

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