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Find how your organisation could save through the National Charity Tender

This opinion piece is 10 months old

Sponsored content: Utility Aid's National Charity Tender Scheme

Utility Aid's National Charity Tender Scheme (NCT) was created to group organisations to provide the lowest possible cost contracts with a range of excellent aftercare services that are provided to organisations that use Utility Aid as their broker.

At Utility Aid, we manage 'baskets' of energy. By becoming a member of the NCT, we will group your organisation with others who are in the 'basket', and by doing so, we accumulate considerable purchasing power to be able to purchase your energy contracts at a discounted rate. This then allows Utility Aid to pass these savings onto our valued customers and results in all 'basket' members benefitting from brilliant contract deals and award-winning aftercare services! 

To explain this in another way (as we know it might sound a bit confusing!) is to think about household items that we all buy. Toilet paper (stay with us!), for example, if you were to go to your local shop, a pack of four toilet rolls could be £2.85, meaning each roll costs around 71p. But in that same shop, you would find a 24-pack of the same toilet paper for £12.50, reducing the cost per roll by 19p per roll.

The principle of this saving is exactly how the National Charity Tender works. By asking suppliers to quote thousands of properties in one go, we reduce the individual cost of your energy contracts, and it really is as simple as that!

Many people are aware of the difficulties organisations are facing currently with their energy contracts, and charities and not for profit organisations potentially have been hit the hardest. High unit prices and short-duration contracts have caused many organisations to struggle, but the good news is, with the NCT, we are currently offering 24-month contracts, and are soon hoping to be able to get back up to our 36-month contracts to be able to offer you the best deals.  

So, what would joining the NCT mean for you and your organisation? Well, first and foremost, you would benefit from the discounted rates that are achieved through the scheme. Secondly, by becoming a Utility Aid customer, you will also gain award-winning customer service, account management, invoice validation, smart meter installation, data management with guidance on your journey to net zero, data visualisation tool, next-generation green, fully fixed protect pricing or SSE choice pricing (right to amend non-commodities), bi-annual pitstops and annual consumption monitoring and reporting. 

If you are interested in learning more about the National Charity Tender and how your organisation can join, drop us an email or give us a call today!
Email: Phone: 0808 1788 170