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Poll: How should Scotland spend its share of the sugar tax?

This poll is over 8 years old

A can of cola could cost 8p more when the tax is introduced in 2018

How should Scotland spend its share of the sugar tax?

Give it to the NHS
Divvy it up between charities operating obesity projects
Use it to pay for school sports
Set up a fund to help community sports clubs flourish
Other (comment below)

One of the most talked about announcements in chancellor George Osborne’s budget was the introduction of a tax on sugary soft-drink manufacturers. Known as the sugar tax, it is being introduced to help tackle childhood obesity and will increase the cost of your favourite fizzy soft drink by about 18p-24p per litre.

The tax will have two different bands, one for those drinks with more than 8g of sugar per 100ml and a lower band for those with between 5g and 8g per 100ml. It is estimated it will raise £520 million per year across the UK, with Osborne saying England and Wales’ share will be used to help pay for school sports.

Scotland, however, will get to decide what to do with its share of the cash, so this week we are asking you: How should Scotland spend its share of the sugar tax? Select your answer and don't forget to leave a comment below.

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David Maxwell
over 8 years ago
Use it to provide healthier meals in schools.
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Mohammed Razaq
over 8 years ago
i would like to see some of this money being spent on supporting people with Diabetes in relation to encouraging better exercise regimes in particular for females and possibly focus on South Asian women as they suffer from diabetes more than others % wise. Diabetes costs the NHS billions and would help to ease this burden in the long run
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Charlotte Lee
over 8 years ago
fund for community food groups supporting healthy eating/living activities
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over 8 years ago
I agree with David Maxwell that this could go to healthier school lunches. I think it could also be used to support projects that work with kids in schools, particularly in urban areas, to have the opportunity to plant and grow fruit and veg - Leith Community Crops in Pots and the work their education officers do as an example.
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Iain Macphail
over 8 years ago
Free Mars Bars for all!!!
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