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Poll: Is it right that Scotland’s four richest families have more cash than 20% of the poorest?

This poll is almost 9 years old

Is it morally right Scotland’s four richest families have more cash than 20% of the poorest?


They have unimaginable wealth they can surely never spend, yet Scotland’s four richest families have more money than the poorest 20% of the country combined.

How did it come to this when we read stories daily about the attack on the poor and ever increasing hardships placed on those on the lowest incomes?

Is this just the way it is in a capitalist society – or can we do more to disperse wealth more evenly?

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almost 9 years ago
Of course it's not morally right! There are no morals in capitalism - just winners and losers. Anyone who pretends otherwise is fooling themselves.
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Rose Burn
almost 9 years ago
Isn't an entrepreneur such as Wood allowed to build up a global business employing hundreds or thousands of people, giving them a livelihood as well as contributing taxes to the country?
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almost 9 years ago
Who could possibly (honestly) argue yes to this question!!
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Lok Yue
over 5 years ago
Mankind is genetically engineered to better itself. You can callout greed if you like or social exchange theory but the disposition towards going higher up the pyramid is unarguable. This is why continued attempt at socialism have not and will not work: they are attempts to place artificial constructs on human nature.In a democratic society it is the job of a government to control the more egregious excesses of greed, by laws and taxes. Generally, the system works, not perfectly but much much better than the alternative
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