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Poll: is it the right time for Clap for Carers to be brought to an end?

This poll is over 2 years old

Clapping for Carers has become part of the weekly routine for many households across Scotland over the last ten weeks.

Every Thursday night, families across the country have been gathering on their doorsteps to take a minute to applaud the vital work of frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Organisers decided that this week’s (Thursday 28 May) event would be the last, as they felt it would be good to stop the event at its peak and the narrative is changing around the ritual.

The event has seen has seen members of the royal family, the Prime Minister and celebrities join in. But it has also divided opinion between some who feel empowered and encouraged by the gesture, and others who feel it is patronising – particularly over the government’s initial decision, later reversed, to charge overseas health and care staff for using the NHS.

So this week, we are asking:

Is it the right time for Clap for Carers to be brought to an end?

Get involved by registering your vote and leaving a comment below.

Is it the right time for Clap for Carers to be brought to an end?

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Anne Black
over 2 years ago
This has been a very important series of Thursday’s so all health and care and other essential workers know we value them Now need to translate that into pressing for changes to enhance workers’ conditions and to make the welfare of the most vulnerable matter a lot more
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S Chambers
over 2 years ago
I did not join the public clapping for three reasons: 1) It was hypocritical because the government have spent the last 10 years cutting back and privatiseing the NHS. Clapping will not solve the under-funding problem. I continue to support NHS staff by campaigning for improved services. 2) The NHS staff are not heroes as they do not have superpowers and succumb to all the frailties of normal people, exhaustion, emotional stress. They are however, professional and that is what the NHS is known for and we are proud of in this country. 3) The NHS staff are not the only people who have gone above and beyond their duty there are key workers and unpaid carers of which I am one.
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over 2 years ago
Sentimental & Politicised.