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Should new petrol and diesel cars be banned?

This poll is over 4 years old

UK Government ministers this week announced that new diesel and petrol cars will be banned from 2040 in a bid to tackle air pollution.

The Government was ordered by the High Court to produce a comprehensive clean air strategy by the end of this month – with other measures proposed including a fund to help councils tackle emissions.

Campaigners have welcomed the initial plans, but said more information is needed, and some had hoped a ban would be brought in sooner.

But do you think that new petrol and diesel cars should be banned from the roads? Please leave a comment below.

Should new petrol and diesel cars be banned?

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over 4 years ago
This is not a UKtory initiative as is made out. It is an EU directive and some, at least, EU countries are implementing this by 2020-2030. The UK government have a very bad record on the environment and in fact air pollution has risen massively since 2010. The fact that the UKgovernment have underinvested in public transport and have done the opposite to reducing car usage, is a disgrace. By 2040, it will be too late for the UK at the rate at which the Westminster government are taking things not to mention Brexit which may well give the brexiters a license to do even less to reduce pollution.Some may be fooled into thinking that this is a positive UK tory government policy, it certainly is not.
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Mr Colin Oswald
over 4 years ago
The idea that electric cars can replace petrol and diesel cars for price and range in the foreseeable future is nonsense. Perhaps when affordable technology is available but certainly not before.
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Lok Yue
almost 3 years ago
If you want to move a large wheeled object of a certain weight from A to B at a reasonable speed you need a fixed amount of energy. Whether this energy is generated by ICE or electric motor is of relatively little import as the electric motor needs electrical energy which will come from the grid. A renewable grid will not have the capacity to charge a couple of million electricars every night