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Would you pay 20p for a paper carrier bag?

This poll is over 5 years old

Morrison’s is to offer customers paper bags instead of plastic carriers in a bid to tackle pollution. The retailer will also trial increasing the cost of its reusable plastic carrier bag to 15p. While the retailer has introduced them to combat plastic pollution, campaigners warn paper bags come with their own environmental challenges. Waitrose joined that chorus saying it wouldn’t introduce paper bags because it can take three times more energy to make a paper bag than a plastic one. And at 20p it’s three times the price of plastic and is most likely to be single use. So, taking account of all these factors, would you spend 20p on a paper bag?

Would you pay 20p for a paper carrier bag?

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Tiiu-Imbi Miller
over 5 years ago
I might consider it if it was made of post consumer waste recycled paper, but otherwise it is just substituting one set of problems for another. Besides the points above, we are destroying forests to make paper. I have several of the supposedly single use, 5p bags, and i reuse them many times. Just need to check for holes each time. What happens to the paper if it is raining?
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Willie Cairns
over 5 years ago
Paper every time as long as it is sustainably sourced. You might only use it once, or twice, but it can then be recycled. And - if the timber is sustainable, more trees will be planted to replace those felled. And, as they are growing, they will soak up the carbon emissions from the plastic production factories.
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over 5 years ago
Primark have used paper bags for years, okay as long as it's not raining when you come out of the shop and the bag disintegrates, purchases end up on the pavement which has happened to me.
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