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Calls for Glasgow 2014 LGBT hub to be kept

This feature is almost 10 years old

Pride House, set up to provide social and cultural opportunities for the LGBT community during the Commonwealth Games, should become permanent

Organisers behind an LGBT cultural hub in Glasgow say they want it to become a permanent fixture in the city.

Pride House was a feature for the duration of the Commonwealth Games with over 6,000 people visiting the pop-up centre in Albion Street from which more than 60 events over two weeks were hosted.

Set up by Leap Sports Scotland, an organisation which recognises and celebrates diversity in sport, the centre staged events, talks, exhibitions, quizzes and film screenings as well as housing a cafe.

Now both campaigners and organisers are calling for the hub to become a permanent feature.

Peter Logan, of the equality theatre group Rainbow Nation, which took part in the games’ opening ceremony, said the success of Pride House warranted a more permanent fixture.

"We shouldn’t be looking at these things as a one off,” he told TFN. “We still have a long way to go in terms of equality for minority groups so what better way than through cultural hubs to raise awareness.

“These kind of hub events draw a diverse section of the public especially during big events. But that momentum should be built upon and we should continue reaching out.

We still have a long way to go in terms of equality for minority groups so what better way than through cultural hubs to raise awareness

“I’d like to see these cultural hubs as fixtures in all cities across the UK.

“They would be recognition that councils were committed to address inequality.”

During the games Pride House encouraged a number of prominent leaders and campaigners to record messages of solidarity for equality with Alex Salmond, Desmond Tutu and Peter Tatchell all backing its work.

Archbishop Tutu said Leap was contributing to the “worldwide campaign against homophobia” adding: “I share Pride House Glasgow’s vision of a world free from prejudice.”

Katherine Burrows, board member of Leap Sports, told TFN she backed the call to make the hub permanent but it would have to involve the support of other LGBT groups.

“It has been a huge success but as a very small charity we do not currently have the resources to operate a permanent fixture.

“That would be down to others but we would certainly support this in whatever way we could.”