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After the no vote: Scotland must control energy policy

This news post is over 9 years old

​Friends of the Earth Scotland says it will press for more environmental powers

Full control of Scotland’s energy policy must make up part of any further devolved powers for Scotland, a major environmental group has said.

Friends of the Earth Scotland (FOES) said such a move would help the country achieve 100% renewable energy status and make it better able to meet the challenges of climate change.

In light of the no vote in the Scottish independence referendum, the group pledged to press politicians for further powers.

FOES director Dr Richard Dixon said: “We hope that many of the huge numbers of people who have been engaged on both sides of the referendum campaign will continue to take part in the discussion about the type of country we want Scotland to be.

“The no vote means the start of a lively debate about what more powers might come to the Scottish Parliament. Something missing from the promises so far is full control of energy policy in Scotland.

Scotland needs a mature discussion of what being serious about climate change means for an oil producing country

“This would greatly help us on the way to 100% renewable energy. Friends of the Earth Scotland will be pressing for this and other measures that would help Scotland become a greener, fairer place. We will continue to hold all our political parties to account for the environmental promises made to the Scottish people. ”

Friends of the Earth Scotland was neutral in the referendum debate and pledged to continue to work to protect the Scottish environment and fight for climate justice irrespective of the outcome.

Dixon said: “The Scottish Government should redouble its effort at the UK and EU level to encourage far greater action on climate.

“The UK government must play a leading role in producing a just and ambitious international agreement on tackling climate change beginning next week with Ban Ki-Moon summit in New York, including promoting Scotland’s good example on climate and renewable energy targets.

“There has been much said about oil in the last few weeks of the referendum debate but little mention of the most important point, which is that we can’t possibly afford to burn it all.

“Climate science and justice demands that much of the oil left in the North Sea will have to stay where it is or be used in ways that don’t release the carbon it contains.

“Scotland needs a mature discussion of what being serious about climate change means for an oil producing country.

“Even within its current powers the Scottish Government should seek to challenge the power of the big banks, continue to develop a low carbon, fairer economy which tackles inequality and sets world leading standards for environmental and climate protection”

“We are delighted at the reinvigoration of Scottish political discussion and political engagement across a broad section of our community. We hope that these groups and individuals continue to participate fully in political processes both nationally and locally to work towards a fairer, greener Scotland.”

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