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Luke Mitchell’s mum blasts charity for lack of support

This post is almost 2 years old

Charity says they were providing office space and admin support - not mounting a legal challenge

Luke Mitchell’s mum has slammed a charity for “doing nothing” to support her son.

The convicted killer plans to launch a new appeal but mum Corinne Mitchell has criticised both the authorities and the charity Miscarriages of Justice Organisation (Mojo) for failing to help.

Luke Mitchell was convicted in 2005 of Jodi Jones' murder in Dalkeith.

He has since mounted numerous appeals and swears his innocence.

Corinne Mitchell blames Mojo for doing “absolutely nothing” with the case despite alleging she has new evidence.

She removed 29 boxes of evidence from the charity’s Glasgow office this week.

Launching a bitter tirade, she said: “They’ve been given vital evidence proving it wasn’t Luke, and they’ve done nothing with it.

“We’re going to find a new lawyer then hopefully get a new appeal. We want to go back to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) and apply again.”

Mojo said they were only providing space and facilities, along with some administrative and casework support and never pledged to prepare an application to the SCCRC on Mitchell’s behalf.

A spokeswoman added: “The Luke Mitchell case is complex and we at Mojo have deep concerns as to the legitimacy of his conviction.

“We entirely support Mrs Mitchell’s efforts to clear her son’s name.”

Corinne has also accused the police of doing nothing to investigate a knife found near the scene of Jodi’s death.

Detective Chief Inspector Suzanne Chow, from the Homicide Governance and Review Unit, said: “We are satisfied that all relevant items obtained during the investigation into the murder of Jodi Jones were subject to appropriate forensic analysis, resulting in the arrest and conviction of Luke Mitchell for Jodi’s murder.”



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