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Sleep Scotland rebrands to Sleep Action 


The charity is celebrating 25 years of transforming lives. 

The UK's oldest sleep charity and provider of sleep support, training, and resources, announces its official name change to "Sleep Action" as the organisation celebrates its 25th anniversary at Edinburgh City Chambers.

The charitable service, operated by the non-profit Capella, is thrilled to announce its official name change to "Sleep Action" as the organisation celebrates its 25th anniversary.

This monumental change reflects the charity's commitment to expanding its reach and impact empowering individuals and families to achieve better sleep and wellbeing, paving the way for a brighter future.

In the course of 25 years, Sleep Action has evolved from a modest organisation in Edinburgh into a nationwide and cross-border service, benefiting countless individuals and their families throughout the UK and Ireland.

While the organisation’s origins are a source of immense pride, the close association with Scotland inadvertently limited the charity from reaching those who could greatly benefit from its services due to the perception that the scope was exclusively Scottish.

Gail Burden, CEO of Capella, said: "As we envision the next 25 years and beyond, we believe that Sleep Action is a name that better encapsulates our mission, values, and work. 

"This name exemplifies our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, signifying that our support is available to all, regardless of their location."

The choice of "Sleep Action" reflects the charity’s unwavering dedication to bringing about

meaningful change in the field of sleep. 

Alyson O’Brien, Head of Sleep Services at Sleep Action, said: “The change from Sleep Scotland to Sleep Action is about continuing our mission. 

“With the transition to Sleep Action, our commitment to ensuring that everyone thrives through healthy sleep remains steadfast. We will continue to employ the latest scientific understanding to provide tailored, non-judgmental, and empathetic guidance and training in support of healthy sleep. Sleep Action will carry on the important work of the last 25 years of raising awareness of the critical impact of sleep deprivation on health and well-being.”

Gail Burden added: “Sleep Action will maintain its support for children, young people, and their families, as well as adults with additional needs experiencing sleep problems.

“We have ambitious plans to expand our outreach by increasing our impact on adults' sleep, particularly by working with employers to promote healthy sleep through our Sleep-friendly Employer programme, a 3-year employer accreditation scheme, intended to embed a sleep-conscious culture of supportive attitudes and behaviours towards sleep from senior management to front-line staff.”

Timeline for the Brand Name Change

The organisation’s commitment to supporting individuals on their journey to better sleep remains

unwavering throughout this change.

At present, Sleep Action has a network of over 1300 Sleep Counsellors across the UK and Ireland, who are trained to deliver specific, tried and tested behavioural and cognitive techniques which adapt an individual’s day- and night-time behaviours to improve their sleep. Parents, carers and guardians of a child under 18 in Scotland can access the Sleep Action Scottish Sleep Support Line.



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