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Which party do you think best represents the charity and voluntary sector?

This poll is over 8 years old

​The political parties all want your vote - but which of them best represents the interests and the ethos of the charity sector?

Which party do you think best represents the charity and voluntary sector?

Scottish National Party (SNP)
Liberal Democrat
Scottish Green Party
Scottish Socialist Party
None of them

Scotland's third sector represents such a large, diverse range of groups and issues that defining a common ethos is not easy.

Many people, if pressed, might settle on vague themes of compassion and fairness - a willingness to help others.

But how does this express itself politically?

The voluntary and charity sector can be all things to all people - the left identifies with the ideas of solidarity and helping the weak which are shot through cvil society while the right admire the up-by-the-bootstraps, small state, even libertarian, strain of thinking.

As you may have noticed, we're right in the midst of a general election campaign, one of the closest - not to say strangest in its permutations - we have ever seen.

Most of the parties have made appeals, in one way or another, to the third sector - mostly in the form of professing "shared values".

But is this electioneering, pure and simple? Are there parties which better represent the interests and even the ethos of the charity and voluntary sector than others?

Vote below and let us know your thoughts.

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Mary O' the Colonies
over 8 years ago
How many people who work or participate in the third sector are going to enter the voting booth and cast their vote for the party they think best "represents the charity and voluntary sector"? I think there are larger issues to consider