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Helping children to recover from the pandemic: with Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

Children in Scotland

Key learning:

What is the emerging evidence telling us about the impact of the pandemic on children’s development?

How do children’s stress systems develop and operate?

How does the human stress system underpin behaviour and mental health?

Why would the pandemic have long-term impacts on children’s development and stress systems?

What kinds of behaviour changes might be anticipated for children?

What can adults do to help children when their behaviour becomes dysregulated?

How does a relational approach overlap with a trauma-informed approach?

This workshop is aimed towards anyone working or caring for children and young people.


Evidence is now emerging that the pandemic has had a lasting detrimental impact on many children’s development. It is possible that this is the case for a majority of children in the country. Evidence shows that children and young people are more anxious; they are missing developmental milestones that were considered ‘normal’ prior to the pandemic; many are carrying experiences of adversity and trauma that will have been heightened by family and societal circumstances during the pandemic. In short, the experiences thrust upon children have altered their biology, and this will have an impact on their development and behaviour. It is essential that adults understand these developmental processes so that they can support children’s needs. The pandemic will not become the past for children, as we often imagine. They will be carrying this history in their biology. 

11:00-16:30, 7 September 2022
Nazmi McCartney
Families & young people
£109 per person
Attendance type
In-person only
Nicolson Square, Edinburgh